Every party needs some party food. For a bluey party you will need some plates, cups, straws napkins and perhaps a nice tablecover to cover the amount of guests you have coming. Its best to to try and colour coordinate everything to bluey colour scheme.

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Bluey Eco Party Pack for 10 Guests


Bluey Table Decorating Kit (7pc)


Orange Beverage Napkins (20pc)


Cutlery Set – White (24pc)


Pastel Blue Beverage Napkins (20pc)


Rainbow Chevron Round Cake Plate (8pc)


Rainbow Chevron Round Lunch Plate (8pc)


Rainbow Chevron Lunch Napkins (16pc)


Orange Round Lunch Plate (8pc)


Paper Straws Classic Lime Green & White Stripes (20pc)


Pastel Blue Round Lunch Plate (8pc)


Pastel Blue Square Lunch Plate (14pc)


White Tablecover (rectangular)

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