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Frozen 2 Blowouts (8pc)


Frozen 2 Blowouts

Herald the arrival of the birthday princess with Frozen 2 Blowouts

These classic party favours have a Frozen twist with geometric shapes and metallic silver fringe.

Place them in favour bags for guests or at each table setting to add a little extra fun to the table.

Each blowout is approx 19cm in length

Pack includes 8 x Blowouts

  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years

Frozen 2 Fabric Sash (1pc)


Frozen 2 Fabric Sash

Let them know whose party it is with this Frozen 2 Sash.

You can give this sash to the guest of honour to accessorise their birthday outfit

Simply slip over the top of your party outfit to complete the look!

This licensed sash is made from a silky polyester fabric for comfortable wearing.

This blue fabric sash features an “in my element” headline printed on it.

The sash is approx 55cm in length.

Pack includes 1 x Fabric Sash

Frozen 2 Favour Cups (3pc)


Frozen 2 Favour Cups.

What a great way to say thank you to your guests with this great  themed Favour Cup.

Fill the cups with lollies and favour gifts to say thanks.

The plastic cup is reusable and is suitable for cold liquids. They can hold up to approx 473ml.

The favour cups are approx 9cm in diameter and 12cm in height.

The pack includes 3 x Frozen 2 Favour Cups.


Frozen 2 Thank You Tags (8pc)


Frozen 2 Thank You Tags

What a wonderful way to send our warm hugs with our gorgeous Thank You tags.

The snowflake-shaped cards feature either Anna, Elsa, Olaf, or Sven above the headline “Thank You!”

Attach these themed tags to favours, gifts, or sweet treats at your little one’s magical birthday party.

Each tag is approx 5cm x 7.5cm in size

Includes 8 Thank You tags – 2 each of Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Sven

Frozen 2 Slap Bracelets (4pc)


Frozen 2 Slap Bracelets

These Frozen 2 Slap Bracelets feature Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf pendants on bands with nature-inspired designs.

Kids will love uncurling the plastic bracelets then snapping them against their wrists for instant style.

Drop a bracelet in each favour bag for the guests at your little one’s Frozen birthday party!

Each plastic slap band is approx 23cm in length

Pack includes 4 x Frozen 2 Slap Bracelets

Frozen 2 Pencils (8pc)


Frozen 2 Pencils

Kids can create their own adventures with Frozen 2 Pencils

These leadpencils come in four designs featuring Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

With contrasting erasers, they brighten up any art kit, pencil case, or favour bag for the Frozen fan in your life.

Pack contains 8 x Frozen 2 Lead Pencils (2 each of 4 designs)

Frozen 2 Eraser Pen (1pc)


Frozen 2 Eraser Pen

Upgrade your little one’s art kits with Disney Frozen 2 Push-Up Erasers

Each plastic holder features Anna and Elsa on a forest background and a stack of five mini erasers inside.

They’re just the right size for pencil cases, backpack pouches, and favour bags

Each eraser pen is approx 11.5cm long and include 5 x mini erasers in the pen

Pack includes 1 x Eraser Pen

(Price is for single item only. Multiple items shown in the picture. Each sold separately. Colour and styles are our choice please

Frozen 2 Crayon Box (1pc)


Frozen 2 Crayon Box

Each crayon box contains 4 x assorted coloured Frozen 2 themed crayons

Pack includes 1 x Frozen 2 themed Crayon Box


Frozen 2 Mini Bubble Bottle (1pc)


Mini Bubble Bottle

Guests can blow bubbles into the air using Frozen 2 Mini Bubbles

These dark blue plastic bottles feature Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Sven and come with attached plastic wands.

Hand out Frozen 2 Mini Bubbles as party favours for hours of bubble fun!

Each bottle holds approx 17.7ml of bubble solution (Non-Toxic) and include a bubble wand

Includes 1 x Frozen 2 themed Bubble Bottle


Frozen 2 Puzzle Cube (1pc)


Frozen 2 Mini Puzzle Cube

Works just like a Rubiks Cube

Pack includes 1 x 4cm * 4cm themed Mini Puzzle Cube in the Frozen party theme.

Ideal gift or addition to your party favour packs for your party guests.

Frozen 2 Skipping Rope (1pc)


Frozen 2 Skipping Rope

Great to use as a gift or prize at your Frozen party.

The rope has two blue plastic handles with Anna and Elsa.

Connecting the handles is a purple/ white woven nylon rope.

The handles are approx 10cm in length

The skipping rope is approx 230cm in length

Pack includes 1 x Frozen themed Skipping Rope

Frozen 2 Paddle Ball (1pc)


Frozen 2 Paddle Ball

Perfect to use as a prize for party games, or you can pop them in favour bags as a gift.

Pack includes 1 x Frozen 2 themed Paddle Ball

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This toy contains small parts, small balls and marbles. Not for children under 3 years.

Frozen 2 Keychains (8pc)


Frozen 2 Keychains

Give out Clip-On Frozen 2 Keychains to birthday guests so they can bring fairytale magic with them wherever they go.

The keychains come in two designs that feature either Anna or Elsa and the wording “Live Your Truth” and “True To Myself.”

Perfect to use as a favour gift or games prizes.

Each keychain is approx 5cm x 7.5cm

Includes 8 x Frozen 2 Keychains (4 each of 2 designs)

Perfect for popping in loot bags or as game prizes

  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years

Frozen 2 Hair Elastics (12pc)


Frozen 2 Hair Elastics

The birthday girl can tie up her locks with Frozen 2 Hair Ties

These elastic hair ties come in four shades of blue with attached plastic cameos of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf.

Add one of these Frozen hair accessories to favour bags for birthday party guests to take on their next adventure.

Each Hair Elastic is approx 4.5cm in diameter and the Attachment is approx 2cm in diameter

Pack contains 8 x Hair Elastics – 2 each of 4 colors: light blue, sky blue, blue, and dark blue

Frozen 2 Olaf Glitter Putty (2pc)


Frozen 2 Olaf Glitter Putty

All the guests at your child’s Frozen birthday party will love receiving Glitter Olaf Putty.

This two-pack of putty has a glittery, slime-like consistency and comes in small plastic jars with a cardboard Olaf attachment.

Put a putty jar in each favour bag to send little one’s home with even more Frozen fun

Package is approx 11.4cm x 23cm tall with holder

Approx weight is 42g

Pack contains 2 x Glitter Putty

  • WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Frozen 2 Large Gift Bag (1pc)


Frozen 2 Large Gift Bag.

Surprise your little princess with her presents in this gorgeous Large Gift Bag

This plastic Gift Bag features Elsa and Anna on the front and has paper tie handles.

The bag is approx 40cm x 35cm

Pack includes 1 x Frozen 2 Large Gift Bag

Frozen 2 Mega Favour Pack (48pc)


Mega Favour Pack

What a great way to say thank you to your Royal Guests with our Frozen 2 Favour Pack.

Each item is Frozen 2 themed and coloured and would be perfect to fit into any favour bag.


  • 8 x sticker sheets
  • 8 x mini notebooks
  • 8 x maze puzzles
  • 8 x beaded necklaces
  • 8 x prism viewers
  • 8 x crystal rings

Please Note: Rings and Beaded Necklaces come in an assorted colour of light blue and purple.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This toy contains small parts, small balls and marbles. Not for children under 3 years.


Frozen Reusable Melamine Plate (1pc)

$4.95 $1.95

Frozen reusable Melamine Plate

Plate is approx 20cm in diameter.


Cannot be used in microwave or oven.

Hand Wash only.

Officially licensed Disney Frozen party supplies.


Frozen – Jumbo Elsa Sticker (1pc)

$0.85 $0.65

Frozen – Jumbo Elsa Sticker

Great to use as a decoration on school books.

Even use a game prize or place in a favour bag

Each sticker is approx 14cm x 7cm in size.

Pack includes 1 x Jumbo Elsa Sticker

Mini Silver Star Wand (1pc)


Mini Silver Star Wand

This plastic mini star wand is a perfect party favour gift.

Ideal for little girls who love sparkly and shiny things.

Each mini plastic wand is approx 17cm in height

Pack includes 1 x Mini Star Wand

Paper Favour Bag – White (12pc)


Paper Favour Bag – White

The paper Party Favour Bags are great to fill with lollies or gifts for your guests.

Each paper bag is approx 14cm Wide x 26cm High

The pack includes 12 x Paper Party Favour Bags.